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Take a minute to learn a little more about Hands On Magnets 

Hands On Magnets

What are Hands On Magnets?

Hands On Magnets are the simple car magnet to help stop your kids wandering off once you unload them from the car. Hands On Magnets are a fun magnet that you pop on the side of your car once you park. They act as a visual tool, for kids to press their hand against. Kids then wait in this safe spot, while you finish unloading kids and gear from the car.

FIRST. Once you’ve parked, you simply find a safe area around the car for kids to wait. This is the “Safe Spot”.

THEN. Pop the Hands On Magnet onto the car exterior at the Safe Spot.

NOW. Bring your child out of the car and stand them in front of the Hands On Magnet. When you say “Hands On”, the child presses their hand onto the Hands On Magnet.

FINALLY. The child will wait here until you are finished unloading the other kids from the car, or are ready to bring them away from the car safely.

How do they work?

Kids are like sponges. They learn by repeating things over and over (a bit like Max the dog here). By repeating an action enough times, you are reinforcing a behaviour, and it will soon become a habit or learned behaviour for your child. (And unlike some other habits your kids pick up, like nose-picking and hair-chewing, this habit could save their life.)

There are lots of reasons that make the time you unload your child from the car, a potentially risky one. 

KIDS BOLT Sometimes kids just want to get going. They mightn't be the type of child who likes to wait around - which can make that time you unload them tricky - especially if there's other kids to be tended to 

KIDS DON'T ALWAYS SEE Young children cannot always accurately see, or judge, the speed of a moving vehicle (especially ones going 20mph or more). This is to do with the slower development of Perceptual Acuity in children, compared to adults. They may not be able to judge how quickly an approaching car will reach them - which is often why kids bolt out in front of a car that is moving quickly towards them. 

KIDS ARE DISTRACTED Kids can be so easily distracted - which is just a part of being a kid. However - this can cause Inattentional Blindness. This is when a child is so focused on something, that they fail to see something else that might be right in front of them - like a reversing car for example. This is also a huge problem for drivers being too focused on Sat Nav, or their phone, to see a child in front or behind their car. 

YOU HAVE OTHER KIDS TO MANAGE Getting kids out of the car is a tricky, busy and sometimes chaotic task. It's this chaos that can often lead to accidents. Hands On Magnets encourage safe and consistent behaviour every time they get out of the car. This makes unloading more than one child from the car safer for them, and less stressful for you. 

Hands On Magnets act as a visual aid for kids to focus on. Not only are you telling them to stay still and in the one spot, but they have Harry or Holly Hands On to focus and concentrate on, to help them do the task.

By your child focusing on staying with their Hands On Magnet - you are minimising the other distractions. 

By consistently using Hands On Magnets, you are teaching your child awareness of how to be safe around cars - and to be aware of the dangers.  

Why do kids love them?

Hands On Magnets are designed for kids by kids. The kids here at Mama Smartz played a key role in design.  (They were not easy “collaborators” we can tell you). It wasn’t until teeth were made less scary, eyes less “starey”, and clouds more fluffy (among many, many other specifications) that we achieved sign off.

Because of this kid-driven design – Hands On Magnets are really engaging for kids.  Your little ones will happily hang with Holly or Harry until you are ready to safely bring them away from the car.

Kids love having steps to follow. They’re always happier if they know what’s coming. That’s why, by teaching your kids the really simple steps for using Hands On, they’ll happily go along with them, as it becomes their norm.

Why do parents love them?

Anything that takes the stress out of parenting is a win in our book. Parents, Grandparents, Child Minders and Creches are using Hands On Magnets to keep kids safe, and reduce the levels of stress when kids are around cars. 

ONE They’re easy to use
TWO They help teach your kids a safe and consistent way to get in and out of cars
THREE They give parents peace of mind that their child is in a safe place when around moving cars - especially when kids are travelling with minders or grandparents, and you are not there
FOUR Hands On Magnets take the stress out of tricky car situations, like the school run. School drop off can be a challenging situation, with lots of moving cars, and rushed and distracted parents. Using Hands On Magnets in a situation like this, can keep your kids safe, and you sane.  

Hands On Magnets flip easily on and off the car’s exterior – but are secure enough that kids can’t slide them around the car

Hands On Magnets are made in Ireland. 

DREAMT UP AND DESIGNED in Rathgar, Dublin 

MANUFACTURED in Tallaght, Dublin 

PACKAGING PRINTED in Harold's Cross, Dublin