Hands On Magnets Help Keep Kids Still, Safe and In Sight

Hands On Magnets, by MamaSmartz are the ultimate car parking safety tool for kids.

Hands On Magnets help keep kids stay still and safe at the car until you are ready
Keeps kids still , safe and in sight when you unload them from the car

Parents love Hands On Magnets because they help to keep kids safe and out of danger. Using Hands On Magnets immediately takes the stress out of unloading kids from the car – and what parent doesn’t want that?

Here’s why parents are raving about Hands On Magnets:Hands on Benefits with each letter 2

Hands On Magnets are a parent’s best friend whenever you find yourself with your kids around moving cars – a lethal combination. Take it from us, Hands On Magnets are a life saver.


We all know the sweat inducing stress of loading kids in and out of the car. Wandering kids, tantrums, cars moving close by, unloading buggies, managing several kids, containing excited kids, cars reversing into spaces – the list goes on. There are so many factors in play – that it can lead to a really dangerous situation.  

You become that person using every limb to contain the kids and stop them bolting in front of a car. 

Loading kids in and out of a car is something we often have to do several times a day. Or even trickier, trust someone else to do it when we’re not there.

What we simply need to be able to do,  is keep kids still, safe and in sight once we unload them from a car. That’s where HandsOn Magnets come in.    Hands On Magnets


Really simply, that’s how.  And that, as we all know, is the key when kids are involved.

Hands On Magnets

Once you’ve parked, you simply find a safe area around the car, for kids to wait. This is the “Safe Spot”.  Pop the Hands On Magnet onto the car exterior at the Safe Spot. Bring the child out of the car and stand them in front of the Hands On Magnet. When you say “Hands On”, the child presses their hand onto the Hands On Magnet. Each magnet has a super little character holding out their hand, for the child to press their own hand against. The child will wait here until you are finished unloading the other kids from the car, or are ready to bring them away from the car safely.


Hands On Magnets By MamaSmartz Benefits for KidsHands On Magnets are designed for kids by kids. The kids here at Mama Smartz played a key role in design.  (They were not easy “collaborators” we can tell you). It wasn’t until teeth were made less scary, eyes less “starey”, and clouds more fluffy (among many, many other specifications) that we achieved sign off.

Because of this kid-driven design – Hands On Magnets are really engaging for kids.  Your little ones will happily hang with Hanny or Herby until you are ready to tend to them.  Hanny and Herby Hands On came out of the heads of our Kid Collaborators, and have been tried and tested with many a child to make sure they are appealing to everyone. 


Hands On Magnets by Mama Smartz

Anything that takes the stress out of parenting is a win in our book – and that’s why parents love Hands On Magnets. They’re easy to use; they help teach your kids a safe and consistent way to get in and out of cars; and they give parents peace of mind that their child is in a safe place when around moving cars. Hands On Magnets help to keep your kids where you want them, until you are ready to move away from the car safely.

Using Hands On Magnets helps parents to keep kids exactly where you want them when you take them out of a car – really close to you, in a safe spot away from moving cars, and where you can see them at all times.

Hands On Magnets flip easily on and off the car’s exterior – but are secure enough that kids can’t slide them around the car.


Hands On Magnets by Mama Smartz Kids BookletOne of the best things about using Hands On Magnets, is that it teaches your kids a simple, consistent and safe way to get out of cars, and how to behave when there is other cars or traffic around. We all grew up with the Safe Cross Code which has stood the test of time. Yet as grown ups, we all have a different approach to trying to keep kids safe when we take them out of the car, while we are tending to other kids or locking up. 

The simple and consistent steps to using Hands On Magnets, helps kids to quickly grasp the concept, and they will automatically go to use Hands On each time they get out of the car.

Each Hands On Magnet comes with a child-friendly booklet that explains to kids how to use Hands On. There’s also a Hands On poem for kids to learn – that will teach them the steps to follow. Our booklet was edited by the Mama Smartz Kid Collaborators – and if they didn’t get something straight away – it ended up on the cutting room floor. This is a really kid-friendly booklet, that should be read with your kids, and given to them to own and use. 

Hands On Magnets by Mama Smartz Grown Up LeafletWe didn’t forget about you grown ups here at Mama Smartz. We have a handy leaflet for you too, with lots of some tips and pointers on how to use Hands On Magnets with your kids. This can be shared with anyone else who might also bring your kids places in the car – maybe minders or family members. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind that your kids are following the Hands On way when you’re not there.


Hands On Magnets by Mama Smartz easily stored in car visorHands On Magnets are compact and easy to store, so that they can always be to hand when you are taking your kids out of the car. They’re easy to take with you when you leave the car, so you can use them when returning to the car too. 

Hands On Magnets by Mama Smartz are easily stored in the car visor for quick and easy access when unloading your kids from the car