Hands On Magnets Help Keep Kids Safe

Check out our Hands On Habit video to see how

Why Do Parents Love Hands On Magnets?

Because anything that takes some of the stress out of our day is a total winner

Holly and Harry Hands On Magnets
Kids stay safe around moving cars

Hands On Magnets encourage your kids to stay still, and in a safe place once you unload them from the car. This means less wandering off around moving cars.

Less Stress for You

Kids learn a consistent and safe way to wait every time they get in and out of the car. No more creating a human net with all of your limbs. 

Kids Love Them

Harry and Holly Hands On are loveable little characters who become part of your child's daily routine.

Each pack of Hands On Magnets contains:

Holly Hands On Magnets
  • Hands On Magnet

    Bright and fun car magnet. Choose from either Holly or Harry Hands On Magnet, or grab a multi pack to suit your family.

  • Hands On Habit Kids' Booklet

    Super little car safety booklet designed for kids. Helps kids learn all about how to safely wait with Holly and Harry Hands On.

  • Parents' Guide

    Need to get on the same page around the Hands On Habit as your kids? We've got you covered. This simple guide gives parents a steer for teaching kids the  Hands On Habit. 

  • Hands On Helpers

    Not everyone is born with hand model nails. Don't sweat it. Hands On Magnets come with a little rubber dot to pop on the back of your magnet, to create a little lip, to make it super easy to pop it on and off. 

Here's what some super smart parents say about Hands On Magnets

"I couldn't have managed this year on the school run without our Hands On Magnets. Unloading 3 kids on a busy road beside the school was made so much easier with Holly and Harry.

Hands On Magnets are a must on every Mum's back to school list".

"Once my second baby arrived, I realised I no longer had enough hands.

Holly Hands On gives me the extra help I need when I'm trying to unload my little girl and baby. It's gone from being a total panic, to pretty manageable". 

"With 3 boys aged between 3 and 8, I find having routines is essential - especially when it comes to keeping your kids safe. From football training to trips to the park, Hands On Magnets are just part of our daily routine.

I'd highly recommend Hands On Magnets as a quick-fire way to reduce your stress levels, and keep your kids safe". 

"These handy little magnets are just part of my checklist: Coffee, Hands On, Kids! The school run used to be a nightmare. But not anymore with Hands On. I can now unload school bags, sports gear and scooters out of the boot, while the kids stay on the safe side of the car, away from any danger. Easy"!

"I got Hands On Magnets for the Grandparents.

I get huge peace of mind knowing that my kids are using Hands On when they are getting in and out of the car when I'm not there".