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Hands On Stickers 3 Pack

Hands On Stickers 3 Pack

Hands On Stickers 3 Pack


Hands On stickers are removable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use (just not on cars). 

Perfect for keeping up the Hands On Habit throughout your children's day. Hands On stickers have so many uses:

  • Keeping kids away from dangers in the kitchen, like a boiling kettle, or pouring pot
  • Giving kids a focus point to stay still at when you're putting on their shoes or coat
  • Providing kids with a place to stand in the cubicle of public toilets, to stop little hands touching things, or opening locked doors   
  • A great way for shops, creches and schools to provide kids with a place to wait, or stand, to keep out of danger

This 3 pack of Holly or Harry Hands On stickers are handy to use around the house, when you're using Hands On Magnets on your car.  

***IMPORTANT**** Hands On Stickers are not for use on a vehicle. Only Hands On Magnets should be use on your vehicle.

Here’s what you get your Hands On in every pack

Single Pack of Holly Hands On Magnets
  • Hands On Magnet

    Bright and fun vehicle grade magnet for your child to press their hand against while they wait.  

    Measuring 150mm, this circular magnet is the perfect size for any child’s hand.

  • Vehicle Grade Magnet

    All of our Hands On Magnets are made from exterior grade magnet. The magnet will simply attach to the car, and flip off easily. If properly used, Hands On Magnets will not damage the exterior of a car in any way.

  • Kid Friendly Booklet

    Each Hands On Magnet comes with its owns super little How To Hands On booklet for kids.

    This booklet helps your kids to understand how to use Hands On Magnets, and how they can stay safe around cars.

  • Parents Guide to Hands On

    Your Hands On pack includes guidelines for parents and grown ups on how to use Hands On Magnets, as well as some handy safe parking tips.