Hands On Magnets – Multi Pack (Three Pack)


Hands On Magnets – the car parking safety tool for kids


Hands On Magnets – Multi Pack

This is a handy three pack available for when you have more than one child you are loading in and out of the car.  Or maybe you’d just like to keep Hands On Magnets in different cars. Choose your own combination of Hanny and Herby Hands On to suit your children.

What Are Hands On Magnets Made Of?

All of our Hands On Magnets are made from exterior grade magnet. They will simply attach to the car, and flip off easily after your child is safely with you. If properly used, Hands On Magnets will not damage the exterior of a car in any way.

Hands On Magnets Safety Booklet Designed For Kids

Both Herby and Hanny come with a handy safety booklet designed by kids, for kids. This booklet helps your kids to understand how to use Hands On Magnets, and how they can stay safe around  cars. It’s a great idea for grown ups to read this to kids, to learn the Hands On Way together. The Hands On Poem helps kids to learn what to do with their new friends, Hanny and Herby Hands On.

Each Hands On Magnet comes with its own safety booklet for kids (and one for the grown ups too of course).

Additional information

Weight 0.21 g
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 0.3 cm
Character 3 Pack

2 X Hanny (Purple) Plus 1 X Herby (Green) Hands On Magnets, 2 X Herby (Green) Plus 1 X Hanny (Purple) Hands On Magnets, 3 Herby (Green) Hands On Magnets, 3 X Hanny (Purple) Hands On Magnets


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