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How do I get my child to stay with Hands On Holly and Harry at the car?


Hands On Magnets are all about teaching your children a learned behaviour. If you use Hands On each time you get your child in and out of the car, it becomes a norm to them - just like getting their seat belt put on.

Hands On come with a little booklet, designed for kids. In this booklet, Harry and Holly Hands On take kids through how to use Hands On. It's a great idea for parents and care- givers to read this with kids. Kids form a connection with Harry and Holly - and understand that waiting with them, will keep them safe around moving cars.

Parents and care givers should assess each child's ability to use Hands On Magnets before using them.

Can I leave my Hands On Magnets on my car?

You sure can. Hands On Magnets are made out of vehicle grade magnet - the same ones used by businesses to brand cars and vans. That means they won't damage your car, and won't fly off while you drive. It's a good idea not to leave them on for long periods of time - and make sure to move them around. You can put them onto a wet car, but remove after use - as you don't want wet to be trapped between the magnet and the paintwork for long as it might discolour.

If you leave your Hands On Magnet on the one spot on your car for prolonged periods of time, it may cause the paintwork underneath to discolour. 

What age kids can you use Hands On Magnets with?

It's a good idea to start to use Hands On Magnets as soon as your child is walking - as a way of teaching good safety skills around cars from early on. However - you should always keep hold of the hand of small children. Never ever leave small children unattended near cars.

Will Hands On Magnets be hard to take off the car with my gel nails / bitten nails?

Hands On Magnets come with little rubber dots - Hands On Helpers. These can be stuck to the back of the magnets - creating a little lip. for anyone with "nail challenges".

Do they come with super glue?

Very funny (this is mainly a funny-Dad question). They do not. Hands On Magnets work by kids picking up a learned behaviour. As a parent or care giver, your reinforce this safe behaviour every time you take a child out of the car. It soon becomes the norm to stand with Holly and Harry Hands On.

But my child's hand isn't metal - how will this work?

Again the Dads....see above.

Why are they called Holly and Harry?

They were originally called Hanny and Herby, but that just wasn't sticking in parents' or kids' heads. So like any sensible parent who regrets the name you picked for your kid, we changed it.

Having names, means kids feel more of a sense of attachment to Holly and Harry, and are more likely to use them.

Where are Hands On Magnets made?

Hands On are an Irish product. They're made in Tallaght in Dublin - so have very few air miles under their belts before getting to you.

My Hands On Magnets package never arrived - where in the world is it? 

If it wasn't tracked, we have no clue. But get on to us if your package hasn't arrived, and we'll get to work on seeing if we can find it for you. 

I'm a childcare organisation, and would like to buy a bundle of Hands On Magnets. Will you do a deal? 

We love to hear childcare facilities having a focus on road and car safety, so we'd be only thrilled to offer you our childcare package. Drop Jean a line on jean@mamasmartz.com and let's discuss. 

I'd love to give Hands On Magnets out as a corporate gift. Do you do bulk discounts?  

Ah yeah. Just get in touch with Jean on jean@mamasmartz.com and we can work something out.