We’re Mama Smartz, and we’re here to help hero parents keep their kids that little bit safer.

Our jobs as parents centre around keeping our kids alive. The thing is though…kids are crazy. Stone cold, mad as a box of frogs, crazy. And it is this trait in children, that makes parenting so tough.

At Mama Smartz, we look at ways to take some of the heat out of parenting. Cool things down a bit. Maybe even help you sweat a little less when doing what should be run of the mill things like unloading kids from a car.

Hands On Magnets is our first product – but won’t be our last – so watch this space. We’re just trying to find the time to launch the next one in between making 47 snacks a day, picking up a carpet of Lego and refereeing fights. Easy.

In the meantime, join Mama Smartz on Instagram @Mama_Smartz and Facebook @MamaSmartz to hang with other Mamas who are all just fighting the battle of survival.


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